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Ras Akyem I Ramsay
The idea and concept for Diaspora-Now, Inc. has been in formation since 1986. Our primary mission is to increase the awareness and appreciation of Caribbean Culture, through distribution of information and works of art.
To this end we have prepared a catalog of fine arts and crafts, and will coordinate a continuing series of exhibitions & workshops, featuring artists of the Diaspora.
Our intention is to grow into an organization with the necessary outlets to truly make an impact on the wider culture. These outlets will include an art gallery, gift shop and performing arts space. Eventually a periodical publication and teaching center will be added, to complete the cycle of our mission.
Since 1993 Diaspora-now Inc. has produced a series of critically acclaimed art exhibitions highlighting emerging African American, Latin
American and Caribbean artists. January 1998 saw the official launch of the Diaspora-now Collection. This eclectic mix of Caribbean Arts and Crafts is tailored to a wide range of tastes and interests. This Collection is brought to you primarily by artists and artisans from the Caribbean island of Barbados.
"March 2011 saw the debut of Caribbean Fine Art Fair Barbados, which was held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Center, Barbados. Over 35 artists representing 10 Caribbean nations were featured, including Haitian artists under the banner of the Foundation Sant D’Jakmel, and recipient of the Inaugural Caribbean Luminary of the Arts Award, Trinidad & Tobago’s LeRoy Clarke. Diaspora Now and partners have since celebrated 10 years of CaFA Fair Barbados, growing to over 50 artists representing the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, and the USA; with special events featuring Visual Art, Fashion, Spoken Word, Art Education and Health Seminars.
Now, over the next few months of 2020 we are proud to introduce you to a selection of those artists who have exhibited at CaFA Fair as well as our productions in the USA and beyond. They will join our current group of artists from Barbados, representing the nations of the Caribbean and the African Diaspora. You may recognize some of the names, others will be new to you. Please browse, enjoy and support."

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