Hand Crafted Gifts

Alfred Weekes
Wire Sculpture

Alfred Weekes FA

Carlton Murrell  
Oils & Water Colors

Carlton Murrell TAFA
Oil on Canvas
Earl D. Etienne - Sensay Deux
Acrylic & mixed media on masonite
Earl D. Etienne Diogenes Ballester
Diogenes Ballester
Gouache, Ink & Charcoal on Paper
Francks F. Deceus
Francks Francois Deceus
Acrylic, Silkscreen
& Colored pencil on Canvas

Ras Bongo Congo I
Wood Carvings

Ras Bongo Congo I FA Danny Simmons
Danny Simmons
Oil on Paper

Fine Arts Collection

RasAkyem I Ramsay-blakkbird
Oil on Canvas
Ras Akyem I Ramsey FA
S. Ross Browne
Acrylic on canvas
S. Ross Browne
Victor Davson
Ink on watercolor paper
Victor Davson
Carla Armour
Acrylic & Ink on Canvas Paper
Carla Amour
Stan Squirewell
Mixed Media/Collage (w/scorched frame)
Stan Squirewell

Ilix Heartman
Wood Carvings

Ilix Heartman FA
Michel Rollock
Ink on Paper
Michel Rollock
The 10th Anniversary Caribbean Fine Art Fair in Barbados
This years event featured over 50 artists representing 13 Caribbean nations
Visit CaFAFair.com for more info

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